Zebra QLn220 and printing Polish characters



Can any one confirm if the Zebra QLn220 printer with firmware V68.20.15Z can print Polish characters such as ĘÓĄŚŁŻŹĆŃ?

I have tried changing to the Zebra Code Page 1250 which contains these characters by using ^CI31 in combination with ^FH _ca and this works on http://labelary.com/viewer.html but not on the actual printer.

In the documentation it's says about Code Page 1250- that "This value is supported only on Zebra G-Series ™ printers." so perhaps this is the problem?

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Submitted by kevinw@davrich.co.uk on December 06, 2021 Permalink

Thanks. I've managed to get it working using a combination of ^CI31 with font ^A0N with ^FH and ^FD _ca _a5 _d3 _9c _a3 _af _9f _c6 _d1^FS