Zebra TC58 Android 13 compatibility android 7 ? Possible ?

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c christophe bernard 1 month 1 week ago
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We have many  Zebra TC75X under android 7.

This device is not more produce and we change with the TC58 under android 13 in few month.


We we'd like to know , if it's possible to run app android 7 on the device Zebra TC58 under android 13 ?

For me yes, but i prefer to ask.



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S Sean Kennedy

I would strongly urge you to work with the Zebra Partners and Sales teams to look at testing your existing app that runs under Android Nougat (A7) on at least TC75X running Oreo. 

If you need to test on Higher versions of Android - the TC77 platform running Oreo then upgrading to - Android 11, and then Android 13. May be strongly suggested such that you cna confirm if the Software you are working with on your very old Nougat Platform, will understand of you need to go back to your software provider to update / upgrade the Software running on your TC7x platforms.

A sudden jump from TC75X running Nougat (A7), to TC58 running Android 13 - may be too extreme a jump for the existing software you are working with.  

Have you checked with the Software Vendor for the Software you run on TC75X for versions that run on - up-to-date Zebra devices?

l lewis hamilton

This is an initial Android 13 GMS release for TC58 and TC78 family of products. https://developer.zebra.com/content/android-emulator-0retro bowl 

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