Zebra TC77 android 11 -> downgrade to android 7?



we used some zebra TC75X since many years.
Now, this device is not possible to buy in new, and zebra recommand to buy zebra TC77.

Ok no problem, but this new device is under android 11 and our MDM (mobicontrol v14) we need to enroll this device with android entreprise.
actually with mobicontrol we used only android + as type of enrollment...and we think to pass to android entreprise next years ..

my question is, do you think it's possible to DOWNGRADE this device TC77 to android 7 ?
like this , this new device will be easy to add in mobicontrol WIHTOUT any change ...


Submitted by James Swinton … on November 19, 2021 Permalink

Hi Chris,

I'm afraid we're restricted by Google on this as we need to ship any new devices on the latest OS in order to be compliant. We also don't have A7 support available for the TC77 so I don't think this will be possible unfortunately. 

We do have content which may help you to migrate to A11, though: https://techdocs.zebra.com/bestpractices/migration/android11/

Best of luck!

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Hello james,
thanks a lot for your reply and the links ...

in fact, we need to migrate all our device to android + to android entreprise and plan this for the road map of 22