ZMotif GetPrinters function does not return printers on the network


When calling the ZMotif job.GetPrinters function, when it returns, there are not printers and no error code.
This is true for the Demo application as well.

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Please, could you specify the following items of your environment 

Card Printer model and firmware version

SDK used and link from where the SDK was downloaded

IDE and version used 




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Both host and remote machines are Windows 10
ZMotif SDKs – the latest one available through the Zebra Website
- ZXP Series 7 Driver dz7cg-03-02-00 (released 31-MAR-2016):…
The card printer is the Zebra ZMotif Series Printer Emulator Version 5.00.36
The firmware for the emulator is FZ8ME.00.27.00
Our client is using a ZXP 7 Series Card printer
Our IDE is Visual Studio v2010

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Job.GetPrinters has reduced capacity to discover printers in the network, normally it is associated to smaller subnet domain, in these cases, the network should allow to discover devices connected (admin privileges), and  ZXP 7 printer shares same subnet with application.

We suggest to use another market option to discover printers in your network as it is a standard process that does not need to involve Zebra SDK. 

Some suggestions below:………………