ZPL printing skips multiple labels before printing over Bluetooth but not USB

J Jesse Taylor 2 months ago
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Working with a ZQ521

from both USB and Bluetooth I'm sending this ZPL string : 

^XA^FO50,50^GB407,204,2^FS^FO100,100^FDThis is a 2.25x1.25 label^FS^FO100,150^FD203 DPI Printer^FS^XZ

however, when sending over Bluetooth the printer produces 5 blank labels and prints one, however over USB is functions as expected (prints one label)

Bluetooth code is very simple : 

Connection thePrinterConn = null;
   thePrinterConn = new MultichannelBluetoothConnection(theBtMacAddress);
catch (Exception e)



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J Jesse Taylor

Resolved.  Firmware update fixed the issue.

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