ZT420 stops printing after a single 'lpr' request

The printer model is ZEBRA ZT 420.

The following lpr based commands are failing:

echo ^XA^CI28^BY9,2.0,500^FT550,1600^XB^BCN,500,N,N,N,N^FWB^FH^FD>:_70_61_58_31_62_7a_37_39_67_6b_72^FS^LRN^FT675,1250^A0N,150^FWB^FH^FD_70_61_58_31_62_7a_37_39_67_6b_72^FS^XZ' | lpr -l

echo ^XA^CI28^BY9,2.0,500^FT550,1600^XB^BCN,500,N,N,N,N^FWB^FH^FD>:_70_61_58_31_62_7a_37_39_67_6b_72^FS^LRN^FT675,1250^A0N,150^FWB^FH^FD_70_61_58_31_62_7a_37_39_67_6b_72^FS^XZ' | lp -o raw

This issue is that the printer stops printing for subsequent print commands(it has to be manually turned off and on to accept print requests again), but this issue doesn't occur with some other ZPL strings.

And writing to the lp file is works every time, i.e., the below command:

echo ^XA^CI28^BY9,2.0,500^FT550,1600^XB^BCN,500,N,N,N,N^FWB^FH^FD>:_70_61_58_31_62_7a_37_39_67_6b_72^FS^LRN^FT675,1250^A0N,150^FWB^FH^FD_70_61_58_31_62_7a_37_39_67_6b_72^FS^XZ' > /dev/usb/lp0

Could you please help understanding why this is happening and if theres anyway to prevent the printer from stopping printing after every lpr command?

Alexander Palchikov


There is an error in your command. You need to remove single quote from the ZPL command.
Also Filename is required argument for LPR command.
You can use the following command:

lpr -P Zebra_Technologies_ZTC_ZQ320__CPCL_ -l <<< "^XA^CI28^BY9,2.0,500^FT550,1600^XB^BCN,500,N,N,N,N^FWB^FH^FD>:_70_61_58_31_62_7a_37_39_67_6b_72^FS^LRN^FT675,1250^A0N,150^FWB^FH^FD_70_61_58_31_62_7a_37_39_67_6b_72^FS^XZ”

This command works fine on my printer.

Alexander Palchikov
Software Engineer, Kutir Mobility
Posted on behalf of Zebra Technologies

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