ZXP 7 Doesn't print card with Portrait graphics

H Hunter Bradshaw 4 weeks 2 days ago
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I can't print cards with portrait orientation with Zebra ZXP series 7 device.

Only way i see in sdk doc, ZMotifGraphics.ImageOrientationEnum should be setted while initialiazing  graphics object.

So, below line works well for landscape printing.

g.InitGraphics(0, 0, ZMotifGraphics.ImageOrientationEnum.Landscape, ZMotifGraphics.RibbonTypeEnum.MonoK);

But after changing landscape to portrait, it doesn't printing anything on to card.

g.InitGraphics(0, 0, ZMotifGraphics.ImageOrientationEnum.Portrait, ZMotifGraphics.RibbonTypeEnum.MonoK);

There are no more information about orientation of printing.

How should i continue for portrait printing?

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