Zebra TC75 -> Add certificate add pin ?

Hello all,

we work with many zebra android TC75 under android 6 and 7.

At the moment , i install some certificate on the device.
On a device, i browse to folder and copy the *.cer file into the folder download.

Next, i go to setting / security / Install from memory

I select the certificate file but i receive a message who tell me, i need to add a code PIN before to install a certificate.

Someone can explain me, why we need to add a pin code for to add a certificate ?
For which reason we need to add a PIN Code ?

Our 800 drivers use every day these device and we don't want to add a PIN on each device.
Because, when device will be in sleep after 30 minutes, user need to add pin code.

Also, when the certificate is added -> after added PIN :) i reboot the device.

I have a message on the notification bar who said -> it is possible that the network is monitoring

What does it means ?

thanks in advance

Darryn Campbell
Hi, unfortunately is seems as

Hi, unfortunately is seems as though requiring a PIN on the device is a restriction of Android and not something Zebra have added to AOSP.  I am unsure of the exact reason why Android does this.

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christophe bernard
Hello JRQ768 ;)

Hello JRQ768 ;)

well, ok thanks for your reply.

I can add with an MDM the pin code and install the certificate.
After have installed the certificate I can remove the pin code as this , our drivers is ok after the device sleep ..


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