Zebra TC75X OS Upgrade 6 to 7 problems

H Hunter Bradshaw 3 years ago
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we have a lot of devices under zebra tc75x -> android 6
Actually, i'm testing the upgrade with mobicontrol -> place zip file on the device and send a mxconfig script...
Well, if the device has no rules, few profile apply that's work fine.
OS is well updated, all seems to work after the update (date / hours / language / wifi / ..), device is always enrolled on our MDM mobicontrol -> Nice
I move the device (android 6) to a folder for to apply some production profile
I check when all is installed -> Ok
I started the upgrade by a rules planified but here is it the description of my two problems:
1) when device reboot after upgrade the HOURS isn"t correct ?! 30 min -> less more
Why ? and also how i can correct this ?
2) before upgrade I have installed the zebra keyboard and configured it
After upgrade the zebra keyboard IT NOT THERE !
Any idea about how to solve this ?
thanks for all your comment

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c christophe bernard

any idea , the hours is resolved now
The last problem is the zebra keyboard why the zebra keyboard isn't here after the updrade ?
I can't understand ...
I have a new zebra TC75X with android 7 buy as a new and on this device I have the zebra keyboard who is installed.
thanks for your time

c christophe bernard

Hello all zebra team :)
any idea about my problem ?

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