[TC-20][DataWedge 6.7][Android] How to scan variable number of bar codes in multi barcode mode?

I'm working on simple data collecting and matching program.
There will be 5 barcodes to scan in 2 groups (group of 3 and group of 2).
Scanning them one by one would be to slow, so I need to scan them in multi-barcode mode.
Problem is that I have to declare how many barcodes I want do scan in profile, but I have 2 barcodes in one location and 3 barcodes in another location, so I would need kind of flexible profile that would just accept min 2 and max 3 codes.
I was trying to switch profiles from application, but its not really good solution for me - as I want to scan any of two groups anytime.
Is there any way to do that on Datawedge 6.7 ?

Darryn Campbell
Hi, unfortunately only a

Hi, unfortunately only a fixed quantity of barcodes can be scanned with the current version of DataWedge so your approach of switching profiles is the best work around right now.  The team are currently working on the capability to be able to scan a variable number of barcodes but I do not have any information on release dates I'm afraid.

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