How to use Zebra Bluetooth scanner with Xamarin Android application on Chromebook

I currently have and a Xamarin scanner app. that we use with the TC20 handheld scanners. I wrote the app using the EMDK SDK and Xamarin, everything works great. I'm working on a new scanner application using the TC20 but using Datawedge, works great. Here is my question. i want to take my Xamarin application using datawedge and install it on a Chromebook using a Zebra Bluetooth scanner, is this possible? I've already developed the Xamarin Android application for the Chromebook using Zxing scanner sdk, but the camera on the Chomebooks are not very good. I don't get consistent scan results. Can I use datawedge on the chromebook and capture the bluetooth scan. I looked at the Scan and Connect for Android but I don't want to do development in Android Studio.

Darryn Campbell
Hi, unfortunately DataWedge

Hi, unfortunately DataWedge is only available on Zebra Android devices and is not available as a separate download for Chromebooks (or any other Android hardware).  Even the EMDK for Android will not work on a Chromebook.

You would need to put the scanner Bluetooth in SPP or HID mode and handle the connection and / or data acquisition within your app.

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