Zebra Remote view can not run

Hey Everybody
My Devices using include model: Zebra tablet ET50PE and HandHeld Zebra TC200J
But when I installed Zebra Remote View , the app can not run and show message "can't obtain root permissions"
Everybody can help me the fix this problem

Darryn Campbell
Is this SOTI remote control? 

Is this SOTI remote control?  You may find this link relevant: https://www.zebra.com/us/en/support-downloads/knowledge-articles/evm/Enable-SOTI-MobiControl-Remote-Control-for-Android-Enterprise-Device-Owner-AEDO-Mode.html

... I have just noticed a Zebra remote view application, https://appgallery.zebra.com/showcase/apps/140?type=showcase.  That application is no longer supported so I would recommend using a 3rd party remote view app.

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