Is it possible to create a profile and nest multiple PARAM_LIST bundles?

I have two sections or PLUGIN_NAME areas of the profile I want to create using API 6.7.

I want to configure the INTENT as well as the KEYSTROKE. But I am having a hard time figuring out how to add both bundles under the PLUGIN_CONFIG area. I get get A or B, but I have not figured out how to configure both.


Bundle lParamsBundle = new Bundle();

lParamsBundle.putString("intent_output_enabled", ZEBRA_VALUE_TRUE); // Set the profile enabled by default

lParamsBundle.putString("intent_action", mIntentName); // Set the Intent to our vPack intent

// For now I have commented out the category. It's not required.

// lParamsBundle.putString("intent_category", ZEBRA_INTENT_CATEGORY_DEFAULT); // Set the Category of the intent

lParamsBundle.putInt("intent_delivery", 2); // Use "0" for Start Activity, "1" for Start Service, "2" for Broadcast

// Magic stuff from website

Bundle lConfigBundle = new Bundle();

lConfigBundle.putString("PLUGIN_NAME", "INTENT");

lConfigBundle.putString("RESET_CONFIG", ZEBRA_VALUE_FALSE);

lConfigBundle.putBundle("PARAM_LIST", lParamsBundle);

// It's not easy, but configure it to not send scans as a keyboard wedge.

Bundle lKeystrokeBundle = new Bundle();

lKeystrokeBundle.putString("PLUGIN_NAME", "KEYSTROKE");

Bundle lKeystrokeParamsBundle = new Bundle();


lKeystrokeBundle.putBundle("PARAM_LIST", lKeystrokeParamsBundle);

// Add 1 of them, but how do I add both?

lMainBundle.putBundle("PLUGIN_CONFIG", lConfigBundle);