ZXP Series 9 - Window Server 2016 Standard - SDK: Unexpected error


We are using the Zebra Printer Badge Printing option for one of our clients. We created a windows service to Print the badges and It was hosted before in Windows Server 2012 R2 – x64 bit os. It's working. We would like to move this to the new server Window Server 2016 Standard – x64 bit. After move this we are getting below error message. Here below I shared the printer details, Please provide the detail of what is causing and Are we missing anything? What we have to do resolve this issue.

SDK: Unexpected error What it means?

Printer serial number Z9J182600027
Model ZXP series 9
Type of card, thickness and size used Part #104523-111 Premier PVC 30 MIL
Print job sent (USB/Ethernet) Ethernet
Print job done (driver/application/command) Windows application service
Operating System Window Server 2016 Standard – x64 bit

We installed SDK version