WT6000 (Nougat) where is voice recognition

I am developing an application using Xamarin on an WT6000 that is now running Nougat.
It seems that all of the Google voice recognition apis are missing…
How do I utilize speech or voice recognition services on this device?

Is there another app/utility/api that CAN be used on this device to enable voice recognition integration?
Specifically, I am looking to do speech to text to my app.

Thanks in advance!

Darryn Campbell
Hi, it looks like the WT6000

Hi, it looks like the WT6000 only comes with the AOSP option and it is not possible to load a GMS image on that device.  The text-to-speech and speech-to-text Android APIs are part of GMS so you will be looking at using a 3rd party application.  Zebra have a number of partners in the voice space, https://www.zebra.com/us/en/partners/partner-application-locator.html, you can search by the 'voice-recognition' cross vertical - I am sorry but I don't have enough experience in the field to recommend a specific partner.

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