Zebra Net Alert


I have started using ZPL to print, read and encode RFID labels using a ZD500R. Now I am trying to understand how the Zebra Net Alerts work. As I said I am using a ZD500R. I am trying to make a simple test: Send an alert whenever the head of the printer is open or closed. I connected my printer to my pc using a RS232 USB converter. I have tested my serial port and it is working fine.

However I am not able to see any alert on the serial port. I checked the serial setup on the printer. I attached a picture of the web view of the alert on the printer.

Does anyone know what am i supposed to see on the serial? A string? A number?

My intention is to have my printer sending tcp alerts to a local tcp server. But for now I am trying just to send a serial alert to be more familiar with this feature.