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Hi guys ​I need your help. I wrote a WPF application that print different labels on zt410 printers (3) simultaniously. When the print starts the application parse printer statuses. Everything works well but sometimes the printers returns malformed status response or connection crash and I need to reconnect to the printer before continue. The connection are Made using connection builder (TCP MULTI) as described in techdocks. The printers are connected to pc with a crossover cable for each printer to prevent broadcast traffic problems. Every printer is at the latest firmware and Also sdk is at the latest release. What's the matter? It seems to me a bug in firmware or in the SDK. Help me please

Alexander Palchikov
Hi Marcello

Hi Marcello

Could you please execute a following SGD command:

! U1 getvar "allcv"

- and share the complete result here?

Here is the information on how to capture report properly:

Using the SGD Allcv Command ! U1 getvar "allcv" <CR>


Alexander Palchikov

Software Engineer, Kutir Mobility

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