Zebra ZC350 Write Cap Applet File Failing on last Block


I am new to Zebra and I am trying to write a cap file to a Global platform 2.2 JCOP card, using standard APDU commands, and the javax smartcardio package. I can run commands to read from the card, such as to grab the serial number, and I don't have a problem with the Install For Load portion. The problem is during the loading of the blocks for the Load for Load process. All the other blocks write fine "80 E8 00", with the correct 009000 response, but I'm getting an error when writing the last block command "80 E8 80". The error: "javax.smartcardio.CardException: sun.security.smartcardio.PCSCException: Unknown error 0x1f" is not very informative. This same command, verbatim, will work when using a standard Gemalto card reader but not the Zebra. If I use the Gemalto writer to load the applet, and then move to the Zebra I can then Write the keys to the cards without a problem. It seems the only problem is the last block of applet data. I would appreciate any help.