send beep back to scanner by Serial DS2278

I Need to send an incorrect beep to the scanner/and Flash red LED .
I have the scanner connected by SSI over USB CDC. so it is connected to the com11
question is SSI works without any other app? i mean if i send the command by a serial.wrtieBytes should it work with the scanner?

I'm trying to send a serial write. but i can't get it to beep the beeper. I send the command but nothing happens on the scanner. thought i am able to use the serial.readbytes to read the barcode from the scanner. so i know i'm connecting to the scanner but not sure why the write does not work.

Wayne Wong
Re: send beep back to scanner by Serial DS2278

Hi Juan, were you able to get this to work? I am trying to do the same thing. Could you give me some info on the SSI interface? I'm not sure how to get that going in my app. Any help would be appreciated!

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