Xamarin.Forms with Zebra.Printer.SDK, printing an image in a RW 420 printer


We have a product that capture signature for invoices in Android and iOS, the printing work fin in several Zebra printer but we have a new customer that use the Zebra RW 420 (we now that is discontinue) , the receipt print just fine except for the images, the signature and logo is just a white space on paper. We try to send the image directly to the printer instead of saving it on memory but no luck. We want to know if is possible to print an image in this printer model from Xamarin.Forms.

Thanks for you help.

Alexander Palchikov
Hi Andi

Hi Andi

Have you tried to use GraphicsUtil Interface?

Alexander Palchikov

Software Engineer, Kutir Mobility

Posted on behalf of Zebra Technologies

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