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I am currently developing a machine using a zebra printer and a PLC.
A format file is stored in the printer's memory and the PLC creates a variable fields file pushed to the printer via FTP
The stored format is the following :

^FX data 1^FS

^FX data 2^FS


The file sent by PLC is the following :

^FN1^FDthis is data 1^FS
^FN2^FDthis is data 2^FS
^FN3^FDThis is data 3^FS

What i would like to do is have the PLC generating and sending always the same file containing data 1, data 2 and data 3 and be able to print only data 1 and 2, or data 1 and 3 by only changing the stored file in the printer.

in the example above, i would like to have only data 1 and data 2 printed but with the code above, I have the data 3 being printed on top left corner.
At the moment the only way i have found to do so is to print the data 3 outside the label zone (ie. adding the code below in the stored file )

^FX data 3^FS

Would there be any cleaner way to ignore a ^FN ? I couldn't find anything in the zpl guide.

Best regards,

Steven Si
Thank you for sharing the

Thank you for sharing the solution.

Probably as you have already noticed, there is no way to ignore the ^FNn in the recall format. The ^FNn in the stored format will be ignored when the recall format doesn't have the ^FNn. But not the other way around.

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