Zebra printer get status takes too long


We have a ZT230 connected to USB port and have been using ZSDK_API.jar to access Zebra printer.
It works, but it takes almost 30s to que status response before printing,

To discover the VID/PID of connected USB printer, we use:
"printer" = java -jar ZSDK_API.jar discover -u

Then, to get printer status:
java -jar ZSDK_API.jar status -p "printer"
This command takes 30s to return.

Is there a way to get a quick status using the .jar file?
I just need to check if it is ready to print, otherwise it throws an error.

By the way, is there any Python example to access the printer?


Steven Si
There are two types of USB

There are two types of USB connections, a ZDesigner Printer Driver based USB connections and raw USB connections, which are discovered with different API in the SDK (UsbDiscoverer.getZebraDriverPrinters() & UsbDiscoverer.getZebraUsbPrinters()). It's known to us that the Printer Driver based USB connections have a few performance issues, which will be addressed in the future releases. If you use the raw USB connections, the performance will be much better, i.e. the status returns within 1 or 2 seconds.

Regarding the last question, unfortunately, we don't have Python examples to show the access to the printers.

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