Print XML file to IP Printer

We have used the XMLPrinter class to print an external file, but we have problems because this class does not interpret XML well when it is converted to a byte array that is necessary for the use of the class.
The errors are: 1) Print the label with the name of the variables and not with the data. 2) when we convert the XML to a byte array as the XMLPrinter class says; The DOCTYPE line shows us an error in the execution, requesting a DTD file. now: we have removed the DOCTYPE line from the XML when we passed it to the byte array, but it doesn't work either.
The idea is to be able to send an XML file to the printer without it being processed in an application and to be able to use the previously saved printer template (ZPL). thanks we need a help.

Rabeb Othmani
Printer details

Hello Fernando,

Could you please provide details regarding the printer you're using and the SDK version? 

Thank you 

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