Generate zpl file to send to print server

I have a java application that currently sends postscript, PCL or PDF files to a Unix Print Server for printing. I am looking at extending this to support Zebra printers.

It would be a trivial change to get the application to produce an image output.

I can see in the Link-OS SDK API I can see that printing an image directly to a printer would be simple, using com.zebra.sdk.printer.GraphicsUtil.printImage.

However the application cannot talk directly to the printers.

Instead I need to access the ZPL that is generated, as a file, and send this to the Print Server. This will talk to the printer.

The SDK appears to assume there is a direct connection to the printer.

Is there some way of getting the output file? Or is there a different API or SDK I should be looking at?


Steven Si
The Link-OS SDK is meant for

The Link-OS SDK is meant for applications that have connection (TCP, USB or Bluetooth) to the printer. We cannot use the Link-OS SDK API if there is no connection to the printer.

In the usecase described above, you can have your application to convert an image into based64 or binary data format. Then you can create your own ZPL with the ^GF command for printing on Zebra printer. Then this ZPL text file can be sent to the print server for printing. 

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