[ANDROID 10] zebra sdk v2.5.3.0 Unable to manually pair scanner



I'm not able to use a scanner manually paired (using the quick start guide, pairing barcode, and then pairing in android bluetooth settings).
Whenever I try to connect with it using the SDK method 'dcssdkEstablishCommunicationSession()', disabling all the auto session reestablishment before, the SDK was unable to connect with the scanner.

I've tried to use the app 'Scanner Control', without using the generated pairing barcode but with the available device list, and then selecting the previously paired scanner. I've the message 'Unable to communicate with the scanner'.

When using the pairing barcode generated with the bluetooth address of the phone it's working, but that's not the goal in our app, we want the user to pair with the scanner before in the bluetooth settings of his device, and then just select it in the app to launch the connection.

All of that on a OnePlus and Samsung devices with android 10, using a Zebra DS2278.

Has anyone already encounter that ?