Automatic update of an Android app, all the possibile scenarios

Hello I have an app (Xamarin Android) distributed on TC25 devices, on the client premises, that I need to autoupdate.
It needs to check periodically the on the premises server if a new version is available and download and install it.
I use the Enterprise HomeScreen in kiosk mode, and I'd like the installation to be completely without user intervention.

I managed to automate all the check and download part, and execute it, but I receive the standard Android dialog asking if I want to update the program.

Is there a way to force the update without the user having to give confirmation?
Are there other tools available to force the update?


Darryn Campbell
You tagged the question with

You tagged the question with EMDK so presumably you are using EMDK :) You can use the EMDK ProfileManager to "Upgrade" the application which will happen silently.  There is a sample app showing this at which although only available in Java should show the principles... we also have a tutorial showing how to install an app: - again it is in Java and you are 'upgrading', not 'installing' the app but the principle is the same.

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