QR Code Size and Tesla Requirements

Zebra has been very helpful in the past and I'm hoping your team can resolve this long-standing restriction.

I've read through previous questions from other Zebra users about the ZPL limitation of QR Code expansion only being 1-10. Meanwhile, a company like Tesla is requiring a QR Code closer to 28-32 in expansion. Previous suggested solutions seem to focus on tricking the printer regarding dpi, etc.

This is not a solution.

Tesla has had this large QR Code requirement for a while now and they will likely not be the only company wanting a larger QR Code in the future. This needs to be addressed. I'm not certain if there is some kind of restriction why ZPL II cannot be changed or hasn't been, but other printer brands do not seem to have this limitation.

Our software company has supported Zebra printers for 30+ years and found you guys to be consistently one of the best when it comes to new barcode technology, function and print quality. We have a large customer base, of which numerous clients who are Tesla vendors asking for a solution.

We would rather that solution not be to purchase a different brand of printer or buy pre-printed labels.

Hoping you can help

Steven Si
Thank you JC for this great

Thank you JC for this great suggestion. We will bring this suggestion to our product and engineering teams for consideration.

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