RFID output to SQL Server

I am interested in using a UHF RFID reader to pass data into MS SQL Server
I have been looking at Zebra FX7500
I was thinking
Reader => Serial Port => Server (PC or Raspberry Pi) => HTTP POST => API Software => SQL Server

Not sure if this is the most efficient way??
But the advantage is – if the internet drops out – The on premises server (or raspberry pi) can store the data until online again

My question is… Is this the most efficient way (or do readers like the zebra FX store the data anyway, if the internet drops out)

Hope the question makes sense.

Ian Hatton
RFID output to SQL Server

Seems like a reasonable solution if the main requirement is to be able to store data in the event of a dropped network connection. It is possible to write apps which run on the FX itself using the Zebra Embedded SDK (https://www.zebra.com/us/en/support-downloads/software/developer-tools/rfid-reader-embedded-sdk-in-java-for-windows.html) but unless this is a large scale deployment it would probably not be worth the time and effort required to do this. 

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