Is there any Barcode Scanner SDK available for angular application

We are working on an application where we need to integrate the scanner to our application and scan the 2D barcodes. My client has been taking to this zebra vendor for barcode printing and scanning. We were informed that the discussions are in place and DS2200 Series scanner is recommended. So, in that case, do that scanner has any SDK which we can integrate in our web-app which will be developed in Angular frontend and Node.js backend.

So, was looking for the configuration process for that scanner to be recognised by the app and fetch the scanned data from the barcode.

Darryn Campbell
Are you connecting the DS2200

Are you connecting the DS2200 to a PC and running your app in Chrome?  If so, please take a look at the Scan-To-Connect utility for Windows,, which will convert the received scan data into keystrokes 

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