Zebra SDK/ZSU won't work with the Samsung XCover Pro


I have been trying to get my Zebra ZQ520 to connect via Zebra Setup Utilities and I was able to with my Zebra TC77 and Galaxy S7 but not the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro and unfortunately our client will be using the Galaxy XCover Pro. I couldn't find a particular reason why the XCoverPro wouldn't work with even the Zebra Setup Utilities app found on the play store, it finds the printer via the Android bluetooth just fine and have tried toying with the Classic/BTL.

Any way to get the XCover Pro to work with at least the ZSU? This is the first step before we decide to create our own app and use the APIs via Link-OS.

Steven Si
Have you given the location

Have you given the location permission to the Zebra Printer Setup Utilities app? The location permission is required for using Bluetooth on Android.

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