PrinterUtil.convertGraphic() in iOS Link-OS SDK


I want to know how I can convert to ZPL from image.
There is SDK function PrinterUtil.convertGraphic() on JAVA, Android SDK.

However I can't find it in iOS SDK.
Is there other function or options If it doesn't support from iOS ? (not store image)

This is because I can't use printer buffer since storeimage() slower than write(), the image placed next label.
I have to check one by one before next label data.

Steven Si
The Link-OS SDK for iOS doesn

The Link-OS SDK for iOS doesn't have the equivalent function of PrinterUtil.convertGraphic(). If you use Link-OS SDK for Xamarin, which has the convertGraphic() API, then you can build an app for both Android and iOS. Another alternative is to use either one of the API in iOS SDK. Instead of converting the image to ZPL, you can direct print the image onto the label.

(BOOL)  printImageFromFile:atX:atY:withWidth:withHeight:andIsInsideFormat:error:


(BOOL)  printImage:atX:atY:withWidth:withHeight:andIsInsideFormat:error:


The purpose of storeImage() API is to put the image to the printer's local storage. Then the application can use ZPL to recall the image and print it on a label, if the image is intended to be used multiple times. This will save time, because the image is not transmitted every time from the mobile device to the printer for each every label.

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