DS3678 connect/reconnect issue



When I connect with "(SBT_RESULT) sbtEstablishCommunicationSession:(int)scannerID" the device appears in iOS settings. And After if I don't disconnect with "(SBT_RESULT) sbtTerminateCommunicationSession:(int)scannerID" (connection is interupted for other reasons), scanner is still listed in iOS settings. Sometimes what then happens is that I cannot connect back to the scanner with "(SBT_RESULT) sbtEstablishCommunicationSession:(int)scannerID" connections fails and it is possible to connect only if I unpair the scanner manually. But that shouldn't be neccessary. I'm not sure if that is an issue with the SDK or firmware. Can you please advice?

Michael Wells
Same Issue

I'm having the same issue as you. It's causing quite a bit of grief. We have 100+ scanners.

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