Zebra devices in Cordova application

Hi Team,

We're planning to develop a multi platform app using Cordova (https://cordova.apache.org/).

We need to support below Zebra devices:
1. Zebra TC52
2. Zebra TC72
3. Zebra MC9300
4. Zebra EC30
5. Zebra WT6000

Can someone please confirm if we can support "Zebra Scanner" supports Cordova application? If yes, please help us with case studies or documentation, so that we can refer the same for development.

The forum thread https://developer.zebra.com/forum/24801 says that Zebra do not support Cordova officially, but it was updated 10 months back, so wants to check again if there's any update.

Thank You.

Darryn Campbell
Hi Parimal, I replied in the

Hi Parimal, I replied in the other post :) but no, Zebra's stance on Cordova support has not changed in the past 10 months.

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