DataWedge Multibarcode licence


is Mobility DNA (MDNA) Enterprise license required for multibarcode scanning with DataWedge 8.1 intent?

The documentation confuses me.
Here it's says ..."These capabilities formerly available only through SimulScan will be accessible without licensing"

and here
"...On unlicensed Zebra Professional devices, applications with MultiBarcode or NextGen SimulScan enabled (using profile configuration or intent APIs) can scan only single barcodes."

DataWedge version on device 8.1.39.
In DataWedge Profiles under Scanner configuration there is no multibarcode property.

Thank you,

Cathy Wei
DataWedge Multibarcode license

Hi Tino,

The documentation has been updated with clarifications on licensing required for use of NextGen SimulScan features on Zebra Professional-series devices.

On Zebra Enterprise devices or licensed Zebra Professional devices, the MultiBarcode option is available under NG SimulScan Configuration:

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