Using the 123Scan program I'm not able to discover my DS8108 which is plugged in with a USB cable. The barcode reader is powered on and when I scan a barcode the the payload text is printed into notepad correctly. So the reader itself is working. But I still cannot get 123Scan to see the device.

I even tried the SDK for Linux and it also does not see the device in the scanner list. (I have other barcode models that show up correctly using both the Linux Sdk and 123Scan).

Any ideas how to solve this?


James Swinton-Bland
Hi Daniel,

Hi Daniel,

Sounds like the scanner may be in the wrong mode - please refer to this guide to see how to change the connection mode for the scanner: https://webshop.opalbv.com/OpalDownloads/catalog/parts/87cc0d4a-d9b2-4f3...

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