Zebra scale MP7000 goes sometimes "not ready" and keep returning status 1 (not ready)


I'm a POS developper, we have intergrated out first customer with the Zebra MP7000. We used the sample is C# and everything went well during dev/integration. On live, after a few days, the customer complain that after a while the zebra scale stop working. After checking the log, it keep return the code 1, referring to "not ready".

Sample response message:

<modelnumber>MP7001-MPSLM00US </modelnumber>
<rawdata>0x01 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 </rawdata>

I went into multiple try to fix that including re-trying multiple time to recreate the scale and even reconnecting to the scale pro grammatically but nothing seems to fix that. For unknown reason to me, the scale seems start back working "later"... I can't see any pattern, but our log show that nothing special is done on our side to suggest it would start back working magically later.

Is there a physical button button or state on the scale that would cause this? Is there a configuration? I would like to get any clue or tips on how to detect and fix the problem.

We really need to find a solution, the customer need the scale to work at all time.

Jc Morin

Ian Hatton
Zebra scale MP7000 goes sometimes "not ready"

I think that the scale can be enabled/disabled via command from the POS but there is no physical button on the scanner to disable it . When it happens you can try a soft reset of the MP via the procedure below to see if it clears but I would advise you to open a support case with our Support Centre (https://www.zebra.com/us/en/about-zebra/contact-zebra/contact-tech-suppo... ) so that they can help with diagnosing the source of the issue.

A soft reset of the MP70XX can be initiated by pressing the Scale Zero and EAS buttons simultaneously for more than 8 seconds. A two second beep sounds, then a system reset is performed.


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