Printer configuration reverts after a restart - Setup Utilities - label orientation and shift

Hi all,

I'm having a strange issue where the configuration settings for my printer get "forgotten" and revert back to default settings.
I have used Zebra Setup Utilities to configure an inverted label orientation, as well as a label shift value to make the print output correct.
However, it seems that every time the factory restarts the computer, those settings change back to default values until Zebra Printer Utilities are opened and the settings applied again. (The settings are still in the Printer Utilities UI, all that is needed is to click "Finish") This is not really workable for the factory I'm working with.

Does anyone have an idea why the settings would revert back - or if there is another way to make the printer remember these settings?

Any help or pointers appreciated!


Steven Si
The invert setting (and many

The invert setting (and many other settings) are not retained after a reset of the printer (check the ZPL Programming Guide for details). The correct way is to have a configuration file that contains the desired settings and send the file to the printer after a reset. Or incorporate the settings into the ZPL script of the label, so that different label has its own desired settings.

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