Get RAW bitamp from barcode reader

I made this same question two days ago, but why has it been marked as Answered and Closed, without a single answer?
Is it not possible to retrieve the raw imager image?

Hello, is possible through DataWedge intents to retrieve a Bitmap from the barcode reader? use it as a fast BW camera?
I don't want it to scan, I just need it to take a snapshot to process it later (what's the actual image resolution?)
I've read about the SignatureCapture feature, but I don't understand exatly how it works and I cant find any Xamarin example.
I use a TC21.

Darryn Campbell
I know they had some problem

I know they had some problem with the portal a few days back where questions were being automatically marked as answered so sorry about that - I deleted your old question.

To answer your actual question, I am afraid this is not possible as the capability has not been exposed externally.  Internally it is used for features like SignatureCapture as you say and occasionally image data will be exposed via Android content provider but this is not a generic solution to access the raw data in all cases.  

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