libsymbolbt-sdk.a and the iOS Simulator


I have an app that has multiple screens and only a few those screens use barcode scanning. Obviously I link libsymbolbt-sdk.a to my App and things work. Or they did...

With the latest update if I try to link an iOS simulator app target, I get the error 'Building for iOS Simlulator, but the linked library libsymbolbt-sdk.a was built for iOS'. This is a new behavior.

My development process is as common as can be compile, debug, run, repeat. Since this cycle is so frequent, I want it to be as fast as possible so I use the simulator a lot to test-out the non-scanner functionality.

You can reproduce this behavior by opening the example SDK app, setting a target to one of the iOS simulator ones, and try to build.

Is there any way we can get the prior behavior back, or barring that, a separate static lib that would work with the simulator?