How to browse MC3300 File Directory Hidden Files


I am trying to set up a set of MC3300 mobile computers with a common setup for working with Softeon.

I have configured one unit and am now wanting to copy the configured chrome browser files and datawedge files from this device to my other devices. The problem is I am not able to browse the file directory to see where the configuration files are located.

Could you please advise me if there is a way to view hidden files on the device or what the directory structure is for where these files are located?

Also, is there a development mode or root mode that needs to be configured in order to view the file locations?


Darryn Campbell
Hi, when you export the

Hi, when you export the DataWedge configuration it should tell you where the configuration was exported to, you can then use adb to `adb pull <path>` the files from the device.  You can browse into dedicated 'Zebra Folders' using the Files app on your device, which will be /data/tmp/public and /enterprise/usr. For Chrome browser, there is no way to 'copy' the configuration off of the device.

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