Printing Multiple Labels with GK420T


I just have a question about if it is possible to create a file with multiple labels in it.

We have a GK420T printer and are running the standard ZebraDesigner software but all we can manage to do is create 1 label at a time in each file instead of being able to create a "string" of labels and print them all at once.

Is this maybe possible to do with the Zebra Designer Pro software? It is really inconvenient to have to open each individual file to print labels when it seems like a label file should be able to have multiple labels in it.

Steven Si
The ZebraDesigner for Pro

The ZebraDesigner for Pro allows you to design a label and connect to the a database or use excel spreadsheet for input data. So that you can print multiple labels in one format with different data.

Alternative, use the ZebraDesigner for Developers edition. It allows you to create a label template and store the template on to the printer. Then you send the recall format with different data to call out the template. This is another way to print multiple labels in one format with different data.

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