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I'm new using mobile printers.
I bought a ZQ210 mobile label printer, because I need to make an android app for a warehouse application.
I need to tell that Zebra user guide is very poor. I had to search 2-3 days the internet to find out what button I need to push to pair via bluetooth.
Every step needs a lot of searching.

Now I'm stuck at printing.
I downloaded some example apps for android, and I run them from Android Studio. This way I succeed to debug and find the root problem why I can't print.

I found out that the printer language is set to "line_print" and all the example apps are checking if the printer language is set to ZPL or CPCL, and since the printer language setting is different, it throws "Malformed response" error..
I found out after a lot of searching that, that theoretically I can change this using setvar command.
But I didn't succeed to change it to ZPL.

I queried the allcv command and I found this line:

device.languages : line_print , Choices: line_print,esc_pos

This means that I can't set the language to ZPL. Only to line_print or esc_pos. I tried and it changes to esc_pos and vice versa to line_print.
But to be able to use the sample codes I need that the language to be ZPL.

At the end of the allcv parameters, there are some lines, which I don't know what they mean:

line_print.buffer_height : 32767 , Choices: 412-32767
ezpl.power_up_action : no motion , Choices: feed,no motion
ezpl.head_close_action : no motion , Choices: feed,no motion

Now I'm very confused if my printer can be used with ZPL or not, and if yes how can I change the setting to ZPL.
If not, where can I find examples to use it printing images (barcodes) with esc_pos.

Thanks in advance

Steven Si

This page, ZQ210 MOBILE PRINTER SUPPORT, contains all the information you need for ZQ210 printers. The User Guide says that ZQ210 printer uses CPCL Programming Language. The ZPL is not supported in ZQ210 printers. The line_print mode setting for device.languages is explicit for line_print and implicit for CPCL, i.e. line_print mode is for CPCL as well. If you replace the ZPL in the examples you found with CPCL, the examples would work for ZQ310 printers. The ESC_POS is for supporting cash register. It's not suitable for warehouse apps.

I would suggest to swap out ZQ210 with a ZQ310 (2" printer) or a ZQ320 (3" printer) for your warehouse app. Both ZQ310 & ZQ320 are Link-OS printers and support ZPL. They are fully supported by Link-OS Multiplatform SDK.

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