Printing receipts from a web application

I have a web application developed in Angular. The application will be accessed on many different devices, some of which are iPads. I need to implement a functionality to print a receipt from within the web application (which will run in Chrome or Safari, on the iPads). The receipts will be printed on Zebra ZQ300 printers, placed in the proximity of the iPad. A Blue Tooth connection must be established between the iPad and the receipt printer.
How do I go about this?
In the past, I have developed .NET applications and there I used to rely on Microsoft POS for .NET library but now this is a Web Application so this raises a different kind of challenge.
Is there an SDK or API that can be used in JavaScript / TypeScript?


Steven Si
A cloud based printing would

A cloud based printing would a perfect solution for this case. You said it's a web application that is to be accessed through iPad, so the iPad must have the network connectivity. Since the ZQ300 printer is in the proximity of iPad, the printer would be able to access the same WiFi as the iPad does. All ZQ300 printers have WiFi capability. Instead of using Bluetooth, use the WiFi to connect to Zebra Savanna cloud for cloud based printing. Take a look at this article - Use the SendFileToPrinter API for Your Cloud-Based Printing Needs for details. Hope this helps.

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