Methods not found in RFID API3

Hello, I have been working with the com.zebra.rfid.api3 package because I am developing a embedded Java application for FX 7500 RFID Reader. I'm trying to get the serial number of the reader using the method getSerialNumber() of the class ReaderCapabilities ( When I use it, Eclipse can't compile because it says that the method is not present.

I have these lines of code:

RFIDReader reader = null;
... (stablish connection with the reader)
String serialNumber = reader.ReaderCapabilities.getSerialNumber(); // Error, not compiling

There are also other methods present in ReaderCapabilities that don't work when developing. Is my RFID_API3.jar old? Is there another version of the Embedded Java SDK? I have imported it correctly and accessing the reader, but these methods don't work.

I have added a photo to show the problem in Eclipse.

Thank you.

James Swinton-Bland


The documentation you linked is for our Android RFID SDK - the documentation for the embedded SDK is included in the SDK .zip file download from our support site.

The getSerialNumber API is not supported on our embedded SDK as far as I can see.

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