New Visual Studio 2019 app for FX7500 host

So I have a functioning app I developed a few years ago. Using Visual Studio 2019 deployed for .NET Framework clients, reading UHF RFID data from our company's FX7500 units.

I am looking to repackage the solution so that another project will be targeting .NET Core 3.1 clients. That way the app will be more portable for alternative macOS and Linux clients.

The main snag that I foresee is that the Symbol.RFID3.Host.dll file that I'm referencing appear to be targeted for older .NET Framework clients. Not .NET Standard clients, since the referenced DLL was created prior to all of that. So I will likely hit a wall in that regard.

Does anyone know if there's a more recent SDK that will allow me to develop a .NET Core 3.1 project so I can communicate with the FX7500's? Basically any reference to a .NET Standard version of the Symbol.RFID3.Host.dll should work if such a thing exists...

James Swinton-Bland
Hi Greg,

Hi Greg,

Our .NET RFID SDKs are available here:

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