Xamarin or Xamarin.Forms for new development?

We've developed our own in-house Stock System app over the past several years for Win CE 6 and 7 on MC3100 and MC3200 devices in VB.Net CF.

Looking ahead, we'll probably move onto Android 10.0 and MC3300X, but that means re-writing our app for Android.

Is Zebra's support just as good for Xamarin as it is for Xamarin.Forms? Would you recommend for or against one or the other for future development? Presumably Visual Studio 2019 Pro is the IDE of choice?

Thanks for any advice/suggestions!

Matty Brown.

Alessandro Caliaro
Use Xamarin Forms with csharp

Use Xamarin Forms with csharp that will be Maui in 2021/2022. VS2019 community is enough

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