Best way to configure and talk to a Fixed Reader FX9600

We are going to be setting up several FX9600 readers at a customer's site. These devices will need to read RFID tags that pass by on a rail and tell us which direction the tag is going on that rail. We have installed two sensors which are close enough together that if we use Sensor 1 to control the antenna (only 1) it will read the tag regardless of direction of travel.

We have tried creating a Windows service to run on a server that listens to the readers and creating a web service that the readers could output to in Inventory Mode.

Our problem is that in Inventory mode we do not see the sensor events and while in that mode we cannot listen with the Service. If we just listen with the service the amount of traffic is too high as the antenna is always on.

Is there an out-of-the-box configuration step we are missing to do this or will we need to write an embedded app to get the device to send only when sensor triggers?

Our service connects using the Zebra's SDK. We create an instance of the RFIDReader class and provide IP and Port to the constructor and call GenerateConnectionStatus