Does ZQ320 support a QR Code in CPCL?


I tried unsuccessfully to print a QR Code with the CPCL template provided in this documentation at page 85

!0 200 200 500 1
B QR 10 100 M 2 U 10
MA,QR code ABC123
T 4 0 10 400 QR code ABC123

However when using the mobile application made by my team I'm unable to successfully print a QR Code. I am able to use the same application to print other template which doesn't include a QR code. However, whenever we use a QR Code, the Zebra doesn't do anything or sometime become unresponsive (we lose connection and have to remove the battery).

For information I'm using the latest version of the ZSDK_ANDROID_API sdk in java. We have a zebra model ZQ320 with firmware V81.20.21Z.

Has anyone been able to print a QR code with the CPCL language and java sdk?

Steven Si
To print CPCL on ZQ320

To print CPCL on ZQ320 printers, you need to set the device.languages to line_print mode on the printer first via the following SGD command.

! U1 setvar "device.languages" "line_print"

When you send the CPCL to the printer, make sure that each CPCL line is ended with <CR><LF>, i.e. "\r\n". This is the syntax requirement for CPCL. The first line of the quoted CPCL above is missing a space between "!" and "0". The correct string of the above CPCL should be like this below. Hope this helps.

! 0 200 200 500 1<CR><LF>
B QR 10 100 M 2 U 10<CR><LF>
MA,QR code ABC123<CR><LF>
T 4 0 10 400 QR code ABC123<CR><LF>


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Alexandre Bergeron
Hello Steven,

Hello Steven,

My bad for the template, I did an error when copying it in the discussion.

I look at it with my team and we edited the mobile app accordingly. It works great with the <CR><LF> and line_print mode. Thank you the insight about how to use CPCL with our zebra.

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