Zebra TC72

J Ji Pa 2 years 11 months ago
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How do I correctly transmit a XML file, created in StageNow through the OEMCONFIG add on in MS Intune MDM?
Another possibility would be, if you can tell me where to download the StageNow Mobile Client as APK, so i can just use the staging sheet

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R Richard Venderbosch

Should be "com.symbol.tool.stagenow".

J Ji Pa

I think I found the problem, in managed enterprise android mode, there are no shortcuts for these systemapps
I need to find out the package name of StageNow

J Ji Pa

I did the normal Andoid Reset. Should I instead use these files?
Download 886 KB
Download 892 KB

J Ji Pa

Hello, I know how to export, but not how to import on device without stage now client
The StageNow Client is not installed on the device, as I did a factory reset and it seems the App is not in the base image.
I would need it as APK in this case.

D Darryn Campbell

Hi, you should have the StageNow Mobile client pre-loaded on the TC72 where you can scan your StageNow barcode.
Or, to answer your original question, you can export the XML as described at https://techdocs.zebra.com/stagenow/5-1/stagingprofiles/ (select "Export for MDM")
Thanks, Darryn.

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