1. Where can I find the device ID for my device?

The device ID is the serial number of your device. It can be found in one or more places depending on the device model. More details about where to find the device serial number can be found here.

2. My device did something. How soon will the APIs return new data about that?

You  might have to wait as much as 24 hours to see an event reflected in returned data.

The API returns the most recent data in the cloud but that data could be as much as 24 hours old. The device collects data as shown below. By default, the data is uploaded from the device to the cloud every 24 hours.

Battery data - collected every 5 minutes   Disruption data - collected upon a reboot   ANR data - collected every 6 hours

3. How do I increase the frequency at which my device reports data to the cloud?

Please reach out to your Zebra representative at Zebra for details about your specific device.

4. Why don?t I see battery lifespan predictions for my device?

Most likely your device has not reported enough data for our forecasting engine to make a forecast. Ensure that your device has been powered on and connected to the network for at least a week.

5. Why does the Battery Health API return a lifespan prediction of ?180??

A response of ?180? means ?greater than or equal to 180 days?. 180 is the maximum number of days out to which we are currently able to accurately forecast.

6. Why don?t I see any results from the Application Not Responding or Device Disruption APIs?

The good news is that it probably means your device is ?healthy?. In other words, applications aren?t crashing and your device?s processes aren?t being disrupted.

7. Why does the Location API say my device is several kilometers from where it really is?

This is determined from last seen IP gateway, which offers a course-grained location of a device (like city or city area) unless VPN or Proxy is used. If you need more precise location data, please reach out to your Zebra representative to discuss the use case.

8. Why does the Battery Prediction API not provide data for my device?

Does your device have a smart battery? The Battery Prediction API is supported for smart batteries only.

9. Why are the Application Not Responding and Application Usage APIs are taking up to 30 seconds for a response?

Aggregation for long periods or numerous calls to a single aggregation endpoint can result in longer response times. This is due to a limitation of BigQuery.

10.  I just got a new device that was previously used by a different owner. Does historical data include the previous owner?s usage?

No, the historical data never includes a previous owner's usage.  Only the current owner's data is available.